Tips to Overcome the Car Strike on the Road

A car breaking down can happen to anyone, including those of you who just have a car. Even new cars can break down, because the engine dies in the middle of the road is closely related to routine car maintenance.

The following is how to overcome if the engine dies on the road:

Push the car to the edge

The first step when the car breaks down is to pull the car to the side of the road, this is very important when the car breaks down or stops in the middle of the road (midway) so you have to pull it aside for repair or check the cause of the car breaking down.

Contact the Car Towing Service

You can call the towing service for emergency assistance. Namely by taking the car to the nearest repair shop. Or your subscription workshop. For the best towing service, you can consider to use Kenosha Towing service.

Check the Indicator Light

The first thing to do is look at the indicator lights of the car, where they are usually combined with the odometer (car speedometer). This indicator light has many symbols including: battery symbol, radiator water symbol, oil symbol, brake symbol, fuel symbol, engine symbol, and others. The indicator lights on this car actually consist of 3 colors, namely red, yellow and green. The green color indicates that the function is normal, yellow indicates a warning, while the red color must be repaired because it has been damaged, the principle is like red, yellow and green traffic lights.

Battery or Accu/battery

Your car breaks down and doesn’t start, maybe the problem is with the battery. If the car is not strong the starter maybe the battery is weak. You try to check the water level of the battery if the battery is wet and check the battery cable. Loose or dirty battery cables can cause the engine to not start properly. If loose tighten and if dirty open and clean first. Also check the condition of the battery stun. Loose battery cables can also make the battery not charge and will make the battery less shock. The solution to starting the car is not strong enough to start by charging the battery first, pushing or jumper using a battery from another car.


a broken fuse or just loose can also make your car break down. One thing that can cause a strike is the fuse connected to the engine. If it breaks, then when you turn the ignition on, the dashboard panel doesn’t turn on. Of course, this will make the car unable to start and others.

Gas Station, and Carburetor

A dead fuel pump will also prevent the car from starting. If the Rotax pump and fuel pump injection will immediately be caught because when the ignition is on, the pump should be on and a sound will be heard.

If what often happens to the carburetor, it is a flood carburetor. carburetor flood will make spark plugs wet. To repair a flood carburetor, you have to dismantle and clean the carburetor. Or try an alternative method by dumping the gasoline in the carburetor through the exhaust bolt.

Spark plugs and spark plug wires

Spark plugs and spark plug wires are definitely the first things that come up when your car breaks down. Try to open all the spark plugs if dirty, clean it and to check the spark plugs, first check the wires.


For this component part, problems rarely occur, if a problem occurs it usually only occurs in the cable that is broken or dislodged from the socket. And if there is a weak coil case, the symptoms that occur are the coil will die or less shock if it is hot and will return to normal when it cools down.

Starter and Charging/Alternator dynamo

If the car can’t start even though the battery is in good condition, it is possible that a problem has occurred with the starter dynamo. First try to check the cable to the dynamo starter, maybe something dislodged. If for the dynamo charging, if the battery indicator light turns on when the engine is running then that is a sign the dynamo does not fill up immediately, fix it because it will make the car crash when the battery stun runs out.