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The Importance of Electrolytes On a Ketogenic Diet

Electrolytes are minerals that are found in the body which allow a consistency in vital functions such as the contraction of muscles and heartbeat regulation. This particular issue is further magnified when your body is under a ketogenic diet. Losing of fluids at a faster rate like this means that you are also losing the vital electrolytes in your body at a faster rate. The lack of the vital electrolytes in your body leads to symptoms of “keto flu”. One of the major reasons why your body breaks down during ketogenic dieting is because of the lack of electrolytes in the body. It is therefore important that when you are on a ketogenic diet that you find other creative ways of replenishing the required amounts of electrolytes in your body.

Pills as supplements for electrolytes are the most common method used but even so there are many other natural ways to improve the intake of electrolytes. The consummation of more entities of fish is also important in my ignition intake into your body and this may include fishes such as salmon which are of great help. However, it is important to take enough precaution when you’re dealing with chocolates to ensure that you don’t go beyond your boundaries of carbohydrate restriction in ketogenic dieting. Potassium can be easily added through the consumption of dark leafy greens into your diet. Avocados are the main priority when it comes to potassium intake as they have high potassium content and this may be your best option when it comes to replenishing the intake of potassium into your body on a regular basis. Getting sodium should be way easier for you as you only need to check your regular intake of salt. The health concerns would be severely downgraded when you hold onto a bit of excess sodium to make sure there is a balance of electrolytes in your body. Due to a reduction of carbohydrates, your body tends to lose its water retention abilities and this sends signals to your kidneys to excrete water and to retain less water. Dehydration cannot be easily felt and it is easy that when you are allocated ketogenic diet that that you discover that you have symptoms of keto flu. Through the period when your body burns fat, there are small adjustments in metabolism and it is important that you take water to help you to endure the changes with ease. All said and done, different individuals experience different ketogenic diet experiences.

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