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A Touch of The Modern Automotive.
The modern technology is in the limelight of taking a newer look despite the fact that we are in the era of electronic gizmos, car sensors and alarms. After each half of a decade, the technology of the automotive has developed. This fact has made driving to be easier. The following assists have been incorporated into the modern automotive that is lane assists, headlight assists and parking assists which are automatic in their function. The advancements in technology do not stop here however. Many have not considered the coming up of the self driving automobiles in the future. Well this may be the biggest and smartest invention of automobiles.
Ever sat back as you are on the wheels and thought of a time to come where there will be car to car communication? It is assured that such modern development in the automobile technology will set in Safe will be the cars which will be fitted with this new feature. Snow drifts, potential head-on collisions and black ice and split freight will be the hazards that can be detected and stopped by the feature. This kind of safe driving on our roads is yet to be embraced. Many automobile companies have begin installing this feature on their products.
The advancing technology by the automobile industry may lead to invention of in car health. The health status of the driver will be monitored as the driver is on the wheel, due to this great feature. Many drivers have been faced by sudden illnesses while driving and this may have been the cause of some tragic accidents. However, due to this feature, which is being worked on by the automobile companies, once such an illness sets in, the cars will slow down and pull over the road and automatic calling of an ambulance will occur.
The automobile industry may be faced with the introduction of the gorilla glasses for cars. These refers to windscreens which use relatively antiquated technologies. These types of windscreens will not be easily broken. Clarity of the windscreens will also be a consideration of the new feature.
Modern automobile technological advancements have brought up the remote control shut down. However this feature has been widely used by the police who are tracking a stolen vehicle. The police press on the remote to cause engine shutting of the car. There will be a guarantee of car safety courtesy of this feature.
Coming up of brake assist air bags will also be a new feature of the advancing technological changes in the automobile industry. There has been a great reduction in the number of injured people courtesy of a road accident since the introduction of air bags in late 1980s. However with the brake assist air bag, more safety is guaranteed even to the pedestrians. Inflation of this feature in front of the front wheels will lead to more braking.
The feature of car override button will also be embraced. The job done by the computers may be better than one done by human beings.

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