Doing The Right Way

A Perfect Source of Inspiration in Fashion and Dressing

Your clothes choices reflect your personality. This covers whatever outfit you happen to have, be it a t-shirt and jeans, or a well-tailored suit. It shall therefore help to learn how to put forth the best version of yourself. No matter where you go, it is important that you dress nicely. Here are a few famous fashion quotes you can lean on for inspiration and guidance.
“A Well-Tied Tie Is the First Serious Step in Life” – Oscar Wilde. Wherever you appear for formal reasons, you had better have a tie on.
“Clothes Don’t Make a Man, but Clothes Have Got Many Men a Job” – Herbert Harold Vreeland. We can understand by this quote that the choices of clothes for an interview are taken as part of the interview process.
“Being Perfectly Well-Dressed Gives One a Tranquility That No Religion Can Bestow” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. This means that you can change how you feel by changing the outfit you have on.
“If You’re Asking Someone for Money, Wear a Tie” – Unknown. People shall always take your request seriously when you look the part. No one ever trusts anyone with money when inspiring no confidence in their ability to pay it back.
“Clothes and Manners Do Not Make the Man; But When He Is Made, They Greatly Improve His Appearance” – Arthur Ashe. You may have certain shortcomings, but your outfit can help you cover them up.
“Looking Good Isn’t Self-Importance; It’s Self-Respect” – Charles Hix. By dressing up nicely, you shall look more respectful, and thus get more people to regard you accordingly.
“Know First Who You Are, and Then Adorn Yourself Accordingly” – Epictetus. This calls for you to understand what style and fashion choices reflect your trues self. This is how you get to establish a personal sense of style.
“Dress Up Your Sportswear and Dress Down Your Formal Wear” – Luciano Barbera. You need to keep tour outfits appropriate for an occasion. Make a point of finding out the nature of the event before picking the outfit.
“Like Every Good Man, I Strive for Perfection, And, Like Every Ordinary Man, I Have Found That Perfection Is Out of Reach – But Not the Perfect Suit.” – Edward Tivnan. You shall always strive for perfection and never attain it, but if you strive for fashion perfection, you shall attain that goal.
“People Always Ask Me What the Trends Are, But I’m Not a Believer in Trends. Individuality Is More Important to Me, to Stand Out and Have the Confidence to Wear Something You’re Comfortable in – It Just Happens. I’m Comfortable Wearing a Suit.” – David Gandy. There shall be lots of trends, but you need to focus on getting your individual sense of style across.
These quotes should make it easier for you to navigate the world of fashion. You shall discover more ways of managing your dressing when you visit these web pages.