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Basic Car Renting Guide While Using a Debit Card

There was time when you must have to present a credit card while renting a car. Even of now most of the car renting companies available around you may ask for a credit card. But, not all the car rental company. Some car rental companies allow you to take their car and let you pay the rent with a debit card. It sounds good! Take a look at the following details.

Choose the Company

As customer found renting car with debit card is convenience than using a credit card, some of the car renting companies going through modification of their policy. They are trying to coping with the choice of customer in renting car business. The companies used to accept only credit card now accepting debit card.

But car renting companies have their different long list of requirement when you are renting car with debit card. And the list includes car insurance, statement of banking transactions, driver’s medical history and so on. The requirement of such companies sometimes may seem like you are hiring an airplane from them. Thanks to the car rental express. They have exclusive collections of car to rent and they do not ask for any extra criteria while someone rents car from them. You can go and rent a car using a debit card easily.

Car Options

Okay you can find a car renting company that allows you to rent their car using a debit card. But that is not all the information you should gather about a car renting company. Some car renting companies allow you rent car without credit card from a selected list of cars. You may not like the car from the list or you may like car that is not available on debit card. So first select your car and make queryy the one you selected is available or not on debit card payment.

Age Criteria

You may know the face in the United State, there is a minimum age requirement so that one company can rent you their car. And in general the age is 25 year. No need to explain if you underage, you may be either denied by the car renting companies or ask for extra fees and documents. So the question is, can you rent a car at 18? My answer is yes you can rent it certainly. Company like car rental express rent their car to young people without implying any extra charges. So you do not need to worry of next road trip with your high school friends.

Valid Driver License

To rent a car from anywhere and any car renting company, you must carry a valid Driver license with you.  Because, every car renting company has the right to know if their car is on the safe hands.  So you must not forget to take your driving license while leaving home. So hope your journey be well and full of fun. … Read More..

I Was Able to Customize My Plates

I am not the type of person who likes ordinary things. I am not exactly flamboyant, but I do have a certain flair that is all my own. I carry this over into all areas of my life. Why settle for the ordinary and routine when there are so many options out there? When I needed to get new registration plates, I decided to go online to see if there were any companies where I could customize mine. I found one at https://www.showplatesdirect.com/replacement-number-plates/, and it was exactly what I was hoping to find.

This site is very easy to use. It is very user friendly, and I just had to put in information when it asked, and then I had to make the choices I wanted. I had to put in typical information like the registration number and vehicle type, but then I was able to customize the other options to what I wanted. I was able to determine the size I wanted, and the font I wanted. There were so many different fonts, and I was able to find one that I really liked.… Read More..