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Eliminating the Idea of Chance in Gambling

The idea behind the use of dice is to let chance decide the outcome of something. We know that dice cannot give a predetermined outcome to any event. This may not be the case, since there is a chance you can influence the outcome. Here are some things you can do to get the results you expect.
Dice have so far managed to be the tools of chance since they are balanced. This is because you shall not find any size having any form of bias. Each side shall have different numbers of pips or dots on them, but the balance will not be interfered with in any way. You shall see a variety of dice on this website. Should you manage to switch the dies center of gravity, you will end up with something you can control. Be careful where you apply these tactics. There are places where if you are found out, you will end up in jail. You are better off applying these gambling tips.
You can use loaded dice. Such dice have one-sided much heavier than the others. When it is cast, it shall always rest on the heavier side. You can buy one, or you can make it yourself. You can read more about how to make them here.
You can also melt the dice. This shall save you the trouble of making a loaded one. Melting shall cause the weight to shift. You will need to place the dice in a pre-heated oven, with the desired number facing up. Observe how the process goes. When it heats up, more plastic will move to the bottom, making it heavier without changing how the dice looks.
There is also the variable-load dice. You cannot continue to use a fixed loaded dice that keeps giving the same results in a game. You will not like it when people pick on this trend. With this dice, you can change its weight distribution without having to do some elaborate procedures. The best load for it remains paraffin wax. You can drill out the inside of the dice and fill it with the wax. You can then melt it with the heat from tour hands and shift the weight before rolling. You will see the side you held on the top.
You may also bowl the dice. This is a simpler approach, as it does not involve manipulating the dice. It is best for preventing a certain number. There is still the element of chance left. You need to make sure the undesired number is to the side before you bowl the dice. Those numbers to the side shall not feature in the results expected.
You will discover more ways to approaching this issue here.